archetypal.dataportal.tabula_building_details_sheet(code_building=None, code_country='FR', code_typologyregion='N', code_buildingsizeclass='SFH', code_construcionyearclass=1, code_additional_parameter='Gen', code_type='ReEx', code_num=1, code_variantnumber=1)[source]

How to format code_building. Format the code_building string as such:

  • code_building (str) –

    The building code string.

    Whole building code e.g.:
     |  |  |  |   |   |   |   |___code_variantnumber
     |  |  |  |   |   |   |_______code_num
     |  |  |  |   |   |___________code_type
     |  |  |  |   |_______________code_additional_parameter
     |  |  |  |___________________code_construcionyearclass
     |  |  |______________________code_buildingsizeclass
     |  |_________________________code_typologyregion

  • code_country (str) – Country name or International Country Code (ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code). Input as ‘France’ will work equally as ‘FR’.

  • code_typologyregion (str) – N for national; otherwise specific codes representing regions in a given country

  • code_buildingsizeclass (str) – 4 standardized classes: ‘SFH’:

  • code_construcionyearclass (int or str) – allocation of time bands to classes. Defined nationally (according to significant changes in construction technologies, building codes or available statistical data

  • code_additional_parameter (str) – 1 unique category. Defines the generic (or basic) typology matrix so that each residential building of a given country can be assigned to one generic type. A further segmentation in subtypes is possible and can be indicated by a specific code. Whereas the generic types must comprise the whole building stock the total of subtypes must be comprehensive. e.g. ‘HR’ (highrises), ‘TFrame’ (timber frame), ‘Semi’ (semi-detached)

  • code_type – “ReEx” is a code for “real example” and “SyAv” for “Synthetical Average”

  • code_num – TODO: What is this parameter?

  • code_variantnumber – the energy performance level 1, 2 and 3. 1: minimum requirements, 2: improved and 3: ambitious or NZEB standard (assumed or announced level of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings)


The DataFrame from the

Return type