archetypal.utils.config(data_folder=Path('data'), logs_folder=Path('logs'), imgs_folder=Path('images'), cache_folder=Path('cache'), use_cache=False, log_file=False, log_console=False, log_level=20, log_name='archetypal', log_filename='archetypal', useful_idf_objects=['WINDOWMATERIAL:GAS', 'WINDOWMATERIAL:GLAZING', 'WINDOWMATERIAL:SIMPLEGLAZINGSYSTEM', 'MATERIAL', 'MATERIAL:NOMASS', 'CONSTRUCTION', 'BUILDINGSURFACE:DETAILED', 'FENESTRATIONSURFACE:DETAILED', 'SCHEDULE:DAY:INTERVAL', 'SCHEDULE:WEEK:DAILY', 'SCHEDULE:YEAR'], umitemplate=Path('data/BostonTemplateLibrary.json'), default_weight_factor='area', ep_version='9.2.0', debug=False)[source]

Package configurations. Call this method at the beginning of script or at the top of an interactive python environment to set package-wide settings.

  • data_folder (str) – where to save and load data files.

  • logs_folder (str) – where to write the log files.

  • imgs_folder (str) – where to save figures.

  • cache_folder (str) – where to save the simulation results.

  • use_cache (bool) – if True, use a local cache to save/retrieve DataPortal API calls for the same requests.

  • log_file (bool) – if true, save log output to a log file in logs_folder.

  • log_console (bool) – if true, print log output to the console.

  • log_level (int) – one of the logger.level constants.

  • log_name (str) – name of the logger.

  • log_filename (str) – name of the log file.

  • useful_idf_objects (list) – a list of useful idf objects.

  • umitemplate (str) – where the umitemplate is located.

  • default_weight_factor

  • ep_version (str) – EnergyPlus version to use. eg. “9-2-0”.

  • debug (bool) – Use debug behavior in various part of code base.