archetypal.utils.parallel_process(in_dict, function, processors=- 1, use_kwargs=True, show_progress=True, position=0, debug=False, executor=None)[source]

A parallel version of the map function with a progress b


>>> from archetypal import IDF
>>> files = ['tests/input_data/problematic/nat_ventilation_SAMPLE0.idf',
>>>          'tests/input_data/regular/5ZoneNightVent1.idf']
>>> wf = 'tests/input_data/CAN_PQ_Montreal.Intl.AP.716270_CWEC.epw'
>>> rundict = {file: dict(idfname=file, epw=wf,
>>>                      as_version="9-2-0", annual=True,
>>>                      prep_outputs=True, expandobjects=True,
>>>                      verbose='q')
>>>           for file in files}
>>> result = parallel_process(rundict, IDF, use_kwargs=True)
  • in_dict (dict) – A dictionary to iterate over. function is applied to value and key is used as an identifier.

  • function (callable) – A python function to apply to the elements of in_dict

  • processors (int) – The number of cores to use.

  • use_kwargs (bool) – If True, pass the kwargs as arguments to function.

  • debug (bool) – If True, will raise any error on any process.

  • position – Specify the line offset to print the tqdm bar (starting from 0) Automatic if unspecified. Useful to manage multiple bars at once (eg, from threads).

  • executor (Executor) –


[function(array[0]), function(array[1]), …]