Command reference

Archetypal provides many commands for managing packages and environments. The links on this page provide help for each command. You can also access help from the command line with the --help flag:

archetypal --help

archetypal convert

Convert regular IDF file (EnergyPlus) to TRNBuild file (TRNSYS) The output folder path defaults to the working directory. Equivalent to ‘.’



-i, --return_idf

Save modified IDF file to output_folder, and return path to the file in the console

-t, --return_t3d

Return T3D file path in the console

-d, --return_dck

Generate dck file and save to output_folder, and return path to the file in the console

--window_lib <window_lib>

Path of the window library (from Berkeley Lab)

--trnsidf_exe <trnsidf_exe>

Path to trnsidf.exe

--template <template>

Path to d18 template file


If mentioned (True), DO NOT print log of “clear_names” (equivalence between old and new names) in the console. Default (not mentioned) is False.


If mentioned (False), writes schedules as SCHEDULES in BUI file. Be aware that this option might make crash TRNBuild. Default (not mentioned) is True, and writes the schedules as INPUTS. This option requires the user to link (in the TRNSYS Studio) the csv file containing the schedules with those INPUTS

--ep_version <ep_version>

Specify the EnergyPlus version to use. Default = None

--window <window>

Specify window properties <u_value> <shgc> <t_vis> <tolerance> <fframe> <uframe>. Default = 2.2 0.64 0.8 0.05 0.15 8.17


sort idf object names


Do not renumber surfaces

-N, --batchjob

BatchJob Modus

--geofloor <geofloor>

Generates GEOSURF values for distributing; direct solar radiation where geo_floor % is directed to the floor, the rest; to walls/windows. Default = 0.6


Updates floor reference area of airnodes


Updates volume of airnodes


Updates capacitance of airnodes



Required argument


Required argument


Optional argument

archetypal transition

Upgrade an IDF file to a newer version.

IDF can be a file path or a directory. In case of a directory, all *.idf files will be found in the directory and subdirectories (recursively). Mix & match is ok (see example below).

Example: % archetypal -csl transition “.” “elsewhere/model1.idf”

archetypal will look in the current working directory (“.”) and find any *.idf files and also run the model located at “elsewhere/model1.idf”.

Note: The latest version archetypal v1.3.4 can upgrade to is 9-2-0.

archetypal transition [OPTIONS] IDF...


-v, --version <to_version>

EnergyPlus version to upgrade to - e.g., ‘9-2-0’

-p, --parallel <cores>

Specify number of cores to run in parallel


Suppress confirmation prompt, when overwriting files.



Required argument(s)