For MacOS/Linux users

MacOS or Linux users must install Wine before running archetypal. This software will allow MacOS/Linux users to run Windows application (e.g. trnsidf.exe).

Wine installation

  1. In the Terminal, you have to install Homebrew with the following command line:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

You will have to confirm this action by pressing enter. The Terminal might ask your password, then you have to enter the Admin password (followed by Enter: ⏎). The installation of Homebrew should take few seconds or minutes.

2. After installing Homebrew, you have to run ‘brew doctor’ (the Terminal might ask you) with the following command line:

brew doctor

This action will make Homebrew inspected your system to make sure the installation is correctly set up

  1. Then you will need to install Xquartz using Homebrew by typing the following command line:

brew cask install xquartz
  1. Finally you can install Wine by copying the following command line:

brew install wine

For more information about Wine installation, you can visit the following website:

Using WINE with archetypal convert command

The IDF to BUI converter uses an executable installed with TRNSYS (which is Windows only). Users that have bought TRNSYS can copy the trnsidf.exe executable to their UNIX machine (MacOs or Linux) and invoke the archetypal convert command with the --trnsidf_exe option.


archetypal convert --trnsidf-exe "<path to executable on UNIX machine>" "<path to IDF file>"

You can find the executable trnsidf.exe in the TRNSYS default installation folder: C:\TRNSYS18\Building\trnsIDF