archetypal 2.9

archetypal is a Python package designed with the objective of helping building energy modelers and researchers maintain collections of building archetypes. archetypal depends on eppy for EnergyPlus models and makes use of great packages such as pandas for data structure processing and tsam for time series aggregation.


As building energy modelers ourselves, we found it was sometimes difficult to use scripting language to retrieve, modify, simulate and analyze Building Energy Models (BEM). This is why archetypal was created. We built two main capabilities into the package:

  1. The conversion of EnergyPlus to TRNBuild models (shout out to TRNSYS users!)

  2. The conversion of EnergyPlus to UMI Template Files.

archetypal also features a Command Line Interface (CLI) which means that users can execute commands in the terminal instead of writing a python script. In addition, we believe reproducible research through Jupyter Notebooks, for instance, is the way foreword. Therefore, all the modules are discoverable and can be imported independently.

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