4. Schedules

archetypal can parse EnergyPlus schedules. In EnergyPlus, there are many ways to define schedules in an IDF file. The Schedule module defines a class that handles parsing, plotting converting schedules.

4.1. Reading Schedules

archetypal can read almost any schedules defined in an IDF file using a few commands. First,

>>> import archetypal as ar
>>> idf = ar.IDF(<idf-file-path>)
>>> this_schedule = Schedule(Name='name', idf=idf)

4.2. Converting Schedules

Some tools typically rely on a group of 3 schedules; defined as a Yearly, Weekly, Daily schedule object. This is the case for the IDF to UMI converter and for the IDF to TRNSYS converter. The Schedule module of archetypal can handle this conversion.

The year-week-day representation for any schedule object is invoked with the to_year_week_day() method:

>>> this_schedule.to_year_week_day()

4.3. Plotting Schedules

Schedules can be parsed as pandas.Series objects (call the series property on a Schedule object) which then exposes useful methods from the pandas package. For convenience, a wrapper for the plotting method is built-in the Schedule class. To plot the full annual schedule (or a specific range), simply call the archetypal.schedule.Schedule.plot() method. For example,

>>> this_schedule.plot(slice=("2018/01/02", "2018/01/03"), drawstyle="steps-post")